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See What’s Going Around In Your Neighborhood:

What's Going Around | Flu

The flu has arrived. Did you know that influenza is in the top 5 of death-related illnesses? Don’t panic, but take the flu seriously. 

What's Going Around | RSV

Respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, is a common respiratory virus that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms.

What's Going Around | Bronchitis

Have you been coughing? Do you feel tired? Have a feeling of soreness or tightness in your chest? Then you may have What's Going Around this week – bronchitis. 

What's Going Around | Sinusitis

Do you or your child have a cold that's lasted for more than a week? Now the runny nose and cough are accompanied by facial pain and tenderness?

What's Going Around | Fever

It can be very scary when you realize your child has a fever. Centra Care physicians say that while a fever can be a sign that the body is at work, it's always cause for some concern. 

What's Going Around | Stomach Flu

It can seem like the longest 24 hours of your life when the highly contagious gastroenteritis, also known as the stomach flu hits your home.

Hurricane Prep | Emergency Kits

Hurricane season is underway and if you've ever experienced one of these storms making landfall in Florida, you know they should be taken seriously. Tropical storms and hurricanes wreak havoc on our everyday lives, and quickly become critical situations e

What's Going Around | Pink Eye

Taking a dip in a pool, ocean or lake is refreshing in the heat of summer, but be cautious - they can also be breeding grounds for many water related illnesses. It’s not uncommon to contract conditions like skin rashes, gastrointestinal issues, and What’s Going Around this week,

What's Going Around | Swimmer's Ear

We’re a week into the summer season and that means a lot of pool time for most everyone. That's why it's no surprise that Otitis Externa, more commonly known as Swimmer’s Ear, is What’s Going Around.

Is the common cold worse in the summer?

Catching a cold is never fun but when it comes during the summer months, it seems to be the ultimate immunity fail. Shouldn’t we be basking in the sun and not blowing our noses under a blanket?

What You Need to Know About Probiotics

Probiotics are the secret to not just better health and a tougher immune system, but also for healing digestive issues, mental health problems, and neurological conditions.

First Aid Kit Essentials

Being caught off guard in any emergency situation is one of the worst-case scenarios. Everything comes down to how well you are prepared to handle the unexpected, before it becomes an emergency.

Centra Care Now Accepting Humana Health Plans

As of August 1st, 2015, AdventHealth Centra Care is able to provide in-network care to Humana commercial group and individual members, including those enrolled in exchange plans, at all Centra Care locations across the state of Florida.

Wound Infections: What You Should Know

Wound infections occur when bacteria or other microorganisms colonize a wound and can be a serious cause for concern. Infected wounds take longer to heal and sometimes deteriorate altogether, leading to serious health risks.

Taking Care of Your Spine

Your spine is one of the most important parts of your body for many reasons. You are able to bend and twist because of your spine. Your spinal cord has nerves that send electrical impulses to the brain and other areas of the body.

The Dangers of Uncooked Food

On food and cooking shows we’ve seen food enthusiasts trying out any adventurous dish that they are served. For show ratings, giving unconventional food a try is what brings viewers and ratings.

5 Other Illnesses the Flu Can Cause

If you’ve ever come down with the flu, you know that it’s no fun. But things can get even worse, as the flu has a nasty habit of causing even more harm in the form of accompanying illnesses.

Defeating head lice. It can be done.

The day has come. You get a call from school saying your child has… lice. And now you’re in pest control mode. But it’s important to know that a deep house cleaning won’t eradicate those little buggers any more than at-home scalp treatments.

Ways to Cope With Stress

People from all walks of life experience stress. While stress can be beneficial, helping people improve skills that they need to handle and adapt to situations that pose danger, the benefits are minute compared to the severity of the ailment.

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)

We have all experienced pain in our wrists, elbows, fingers, arms, shoulder, or neck after prolonged sitting in a poor posture or after working long hours on the computer. Such aches are quite common among most men and women.

What’s Your Body Telling You When it Makes Noises?

Do you feel self-conscious or embarrassed when your tummy rumbles or your neck, elbows or knuckles make a cracking sound? Often your body takes you by surprise and can catch you off guard with these unusual and weird noises.

Here’s the FYI on UTI

For those who’ve experienced a UTI, or urinary tract infection, we know the condition is quite common and painful.

Bacterial Vs Viral Infections

Infections may spread via one of two microbes: a virus or a bacterium. Germs are all around us. They are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the surfaces we come in contact with.

Ditch the Itch: Avoiding Fungal Infections in the Summer

Although summer vacation has come to a close and the kids are headed back to class, the summertime weather is still here to stay. With the increased heat and humidity, your risk of developing a fungal infection increases as well.

Sore Throat or Strep Throat?

Kids in Central Florida have been generously sharing Strep Throat lately. Centra Care physicians saw nearly a 70 percent increase last week in pediatric patients with Strep.

Rash 101: Common Types of Skin Rashes

Skin rashes can signal anything from an allergic reaction to a plant or medication to more serious medical emergencies like meningococcemia or toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

Be a Flu Fighter – Free Flu Shots in Your Area

The weather might still feel like summer, but Centra Care Urgent Care and Get Healthy Florida’s 2013 Fast & Free Flu Shot events are just a few weeks away. Six sites are scheduled this year. A flu shot is the single best protection against the flu.

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