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Hurricane Prep | Emergency Kits

Hurricane season is underway and if you've ever experienced one of these storms making landfall in Florida, you know they should be taken seriously. Tropical storms and hurricanes wreak havoc on our everyday lives, and quickly become critical situations especially when we have a family member with serious medical needs.

Centra Care wants to make sure that you and your family are prepared. Over the next three weeks we will be sharing important tips to ensure you're ahead of the storm. Building an emergency medical kit is a great place to start. It won't take long to pull together the items you need for your family’s kit and the contents could save your life. 


Emergency supply kits should include:

Medication - FEMA recommends that you have at least a one week supply of your medications.

Important records - print out copies and have an electronic version on a thumb drive.

Contact list  - make a list of your doctors, pharmacy, copy of your insurance card and any  other information that you may need in case you are unable to look it up online.

Medical alert bracelets - make sure you are wearing this bracelet at all times.

Supplies - make sure you have a two week supply of bandages, insulin or blood testing strips.

Extra pair of glasses/contacts - this will be very important if your other pair breaks or is lost during the storm.

You will also want to account for any medical needs your family may have like supplies for children (infant formula and diapers), or pets (medications, pet food and extra water).


Things to Remember

Replace stored food and water every six months, keep a supply of fresh batteries on hand and keep your most important up-to-date family papers in a fire and waterproof container. Since you don't know where you will be when an emergency occurs, prepare supplies for your home, work and vehicle.

If you have special needs that require assistance, you can register here with the (S.E.R.T.) State Emergency Response Team .

The best time to prepare for a hurricane is before a hurricane comes. Don’t wait until 24 to 48 hours before a storm is due to hit to begin making preparations, as there will be long lines, limited supplies and difficulty in contacting the agencies whose help you may need.