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Hurricane Prep | Know Your Zone

The last tip in our series of Prepare with Centra Care is vital for protecting your safety during a hurricane. Tip #3 is all about knowing your community's evacuation plan and identifying several routes to leave your area.

Check with your state’s Department of Transportation or Office of Emergency Management website to find routes near you. To find a nearby shelter, download the FEMA app
. Once you determine your evacuation route and shelter location, write them down on your Hurricane Preparedness Checklist.

5 Ways to Stay Informed

  1. Friend and follow local and state public health departments and emergency management offices on social media.
  2. Know the difference between a severe weather watch and a warning external icon, and what to do in response to each.
  3. Sign up to receive Health Alert Network (HAN) email updates about urgent public health incidents.
  4. Know your flood risk and contact your local emergency management office to learn whether sinkholes or flash flooding have occurred in your area.
  5. Keep a weather radio at home and in the office and tuned to your local National Weather Radio station for weather alerts and information.

Things to Remember

In addition to knowing your evacuation route, make sure to keep your gas tank at least half-full at all times. Maintain basic emergency supplies in your vehicle and pick an out-of-state contact everyone can call to check-in and report their status. Make sure you've discussed where you will meet up if you are separated and where you will stay. 

Remember that Centra Care locations will be open when most doctor's offices have closed. Make sure to include our phone number, 407-200-CARE (2273) in your Hurricane Preparedness Kit.