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Child learning to ride a bike, AdventHealth Centra Care Urgent Care in Central Florida, Tampa and Kansas.

Our Mission

To Our Patients

Our first responsibility as a Christian hospital is to extend the healing ministry of Christ to all patients who come to us. We endeavor to deliver high-quality service, showing concern for patients’ emotional and spiritual needs as well as their physical condition. It is our desire to serve patients promptly, with consideration and dignity.

To Our Employees

We are responsible to our employees and depend upon their teamwork. We show concern for the whole person, respecting each worker’s individuality and listening to each one’s concerns and suggestions. We pay fair wages and offer clean and safe working conditions. We provide opportunities for our employees’ professional growth and development.

To Our Medical Staff

We are responsible to the doctors who are the leaders of the medical team. We provide them with a professional environment, state-of-the-art medical facilities and equipment, and trained support staff. We strive to process their requests for patient care accurately and in a timely manner.

To Our Community

We are responsible for the future success and security of our institution’s resources. We protect our financial investments through responsible fiscal management management, strategic planning and effective marketing. We cultivate and protect the preferred patronage of patients, doctors, and businesses.

To Our Religious Heritage

In response to the Seventh-day Adventist faith and heritage upon which AdventHealth is built, we celebrate the healing ministry of our Lord, encourage preventive health care practices, respect the seventh-day Sabbath, and observe high moral and ethical standards.

To Our God

We are responsible to communicate through caring service that God is a loving, gracious and protecting Father who places infinite value on every individual and is worthy of our admiration, affection and willing commitment.