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What's Going Around | Swimmer's Ear

We’re a week into the summer season and that means a lot of pool time for most everyone. That's why it's no surprise that Otitis Externa, more commonly known as Swimmer’s Ear, is What’s Going Around. AdventHealth Centra Care physicians have seen an increase in patients with the illness at many locations. While Otitis Externa (outer ear infection) commonly occurs after swimming or bathing as a result of an infection that develops in trapped water that irritates the canal, Centra Care physicians explain that there are other ways in which it develops and attribute recent weather as the likely culprit for the increase in diagnoses. 

Visit an AdventHealth Centra Care location if you or a loved one has Swimmer's Ear.

If you suspect that you or your child has Otitis Externa, head to the closest Centra Care location. If it is bacterial in nature you will be prescribed prescription antibiotic eardrops, oral antibiotics, or both. You can make an online reservation or simply walk in to any of our locations.